(Movie) Pearl, the daughter of successful Marlow businessman George Carter (Senior), received her pilot's license in 1928 at age 13, making her the youngest licensed pilot in U.S. history.

Befriended by famous aviator Wiley Post in the late 1920s, she was performing as a barnstormer and flying her father to business appointments across the state.

The social and economic changes of the late 1920s and 1930s serves as a backdrop for the passion, celebrity status, romance and internal conflict which marked Pearl's teen years.

Aside from being a legendary aviatrix, Pearl Carter Scott was a dedicated and proud citizen of the Chickasaw Nation.

She aspired until death in 2005 to do "whatever is necessary to help my fellow Chickasaws."

Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby said the story of the Chickasaw aviatrix was a natural for the tribe's first feature-length film project.

Broadcast License from Nov. 1, 2021-Oct. 31, 2022, Chickasaw Nation Productions