Hit The Target Number:

This game can be played with 1-5 players

Ace - 1 or 11

Jack - 12

Queen - 13

King - 14

This game works with multiplication/division, addition/subtraction, order of operations, and mathematical reasoning.

How to Play:

The group of 2-5 players selects a target number from 1-30. One of the players will turn five cards from the deck face up and the object is to make a number sentence using all five cards with any operations to reach the target number. There can be more than one answer!

The first player to find a winning combination keeps the cards and chooses a new target number. If no combination is found in about a minute, flip over another card and try to make a combination using six cards.

If playing with players of different abilities, make rules that say that if a player hasn’t made a combination in three rounds, he or she may make combinations using four of the five cards until they make a winning combination; other players using five.

If playing alone, you can draw a card from the middle of the deck and use that number as the target number, seeing how many combinations you can make with it.