This game is played with two players and a full deck of cards (minus the jokers).

Ace is worth 11

Jack is worth 12

Queen is worth 13

King is worth 14

This game works with number recognition, positive & negative integers.

How to Play:

Black cards are positive numbers

Red cards are negative numbers

Deal our cards evenly between two players. Each player should have 26 cards).

 This game is similar to War. Begin by simultaneously flipping over the top two cards of your deck. Remember that two negative integers multiplied together equal a positive! The highest product wins all four cards. 

If the cards products are the same value, place cards in a center pile and the next hand played will determine the winner of both the previous hand and the current one. 

Play continues until one person holds all the cards or until a set amount of time has passed. The person with the most cards win!