Musselman High School

Student Info 2020

New Students Info


As a new student (either freshman or transferring from another school), you will need to complete the following form to sign up for your new Musselman Library card. This card will also be used as your public library card in Berkeley County.  


New Student Card Application


Where do I locate books?

Watch the video below for directions on how to locate books online.


Click here to access the catalog of books.

How do I "place an order" for a book?

The video below will help you learn how to put books on hold.   We will then pull them for you for delivery or pick up.

When do I pick up my books?

When your book is here and ready:

You will receive a notice that looks like the one below in your Schoology Inbox.


If you are a brick student: 

I will bring your book to one of your classes.


It will be available in the library for pickup on Monday or Friday during school.


If you are a click student:

You may pick up your book anytime during public library hours through the South Berkeley Public Library entrance.

Sunday 1-4

Tuesday 11-6

Wednesday 11-6

Thursday 11-6

Saturday 10-3

Where do I drop off library materials?

Inside the school library door.

In the outside drop box by the bus drop off point.

Give to any teacher to return it for you!