Decision Making

Classroom Guidance

Grades 4th-5th




Learn how decisions you make now can affect your future.



How are you feeling right now?

Question Before you Begin


  • Who makes the decisions for you?
  • Are the decisions you make now going to affect your future?

Building Background


Today we are going to be learning about Decision Making. What is a decision? 


A decision is another word for a choice. We all know the difference between a healthy versus an unhealthy choice. What happens when you make an unhealthy choice?


You may get what’s called a consequence. Consequences are not normally something we like. Some examples of consequences include upsetting someone we care about, being punished by having our phone or tech time taken away, or maybe we have to do extra work. We all have had consequences. What do we get if we make a healthy choice?


We get a good response, like a reward. Some rewards we may get are high fives or positive comments from someone we care about. Maybe we get an incentive, something we really like or want. Rewards are pretty good. Do you think the choices we make can affect what happens to  us in the future?

Watch "Do the Right Thing"


Watch "Making Tough Choices with Kid President"


Answer the following Questions after Watching


  • A good decision I will make today is....... 
  • A good decision I will make this week is .....
  • A good decision I will make this school year is......
  • A good decision I will make for my future is ......

"Antwon J. Calhoun:  Making Life Changing Decisions"


  • What decisions did Antwon make that affected his future?
  • What were the positive consequances for some of his choices?
  • What do you think would have happened if he made a different choice?

Check for Understanding


  • Who makes the decisions for you?
  • Are the decisions you make now going to affect your future?

Mindful Moment

Mind Yeti


Special Star


1.  Sit or lie down comfortably with your eyes closed.  Breathe naturally, noticing how it feels to breathe in and out.


2.   Guided visualization:  Imagine that there is a star in the sky just for you.  It can look like anything at all - it can be any color, made out of any material, and it may change from moment to moment and day to day, just as everything changes.  Sometimes large and sometimes small, sometimes right and sometimes dim, your start is always there.  Let's feel the warmth of the star on different parts of our body!  As the starlight shines on your forehead, feel your forehead relax, and all of the stress and strain of the day fades away.  Then imagine that the starlight shines on your shoulders....your arms....your hands....your chest....your belly....your lower back....your legs....your ankles....and your feet.  Finally, imagine your whole body resting in the warmth of the starlight.


3.  When you're ready, sit up slowly and reach your hands to the sky.  Take a deep breath in and lower your arms as you breath out.