Literature in Rm 30

Teacher: Ms. McClain

Hi!  I'm Ms. McClain, and these are my people.  My husband, Scott Hogan, and I blended our families six years ago.  Since I kept my maiden name and my kids have their father's name, we call ourselves The McGogans.  It's the best we could do with our three last names: Hogan, McClain, and Givan.  From left to right, the McGogans are DJ Hogan (in flight school at Parkland), Miranda Hogan (8th grade at Mayo), Scott Hogan (engineer and farmer), me, Sophie Givan (senior at PHS), and Nate Givan (in automotive tech at SIUC).  I love them with my whole heart.  I'm always happiest if I've seen them all over the weekend.  

Plan for the Week of

December 5th 

Homework is subject to change.