Eva's Learning Fair Project

Paper Circuit Project

It was really fun but really challenging


  • I made a basketball score board
  • I poked holes in the top right and left corners
  • I put lights in the holes and I attached copper wire to both wires
  • Then I connected the wires to the button 
  • It lighted up


  1. I kept on ripping the copper 
  2. My button ran out of battery
  3. The copper kept on getting tangled and then it wouldn't light up

Eva Smith

I loved making all of these projects and hope to make some more!

Mini Dragon

It was super fun to make.


  • I built a big square piece of cardboard 
  • Then made a smaller one 
  • I made a big nose 
  • Then put cute decorations on it


  • My glue would never stick 
  • My nose fell off
  • I showed the pencil lines