Board Briefs

Highlights from the October 24, 2019, CUSD Board Meeting 

Staff provided the Board of Education with revised 2019-2020 District Priorities and Measures to consider. The District is committed to making decisions that take into consideration students' academic needs and best interests.
  • Fostering a welcoming environment (for students, staff, and community alike) is an important part of the school and District.
  • Strengthening internal and external communication remains essential.
  • Maintaining a balanced budget continues to be a focus as we work to increase revenue while monitoring expenses, operational efficiencies, and declining enrollment.
  • Proactively seeking resources and utilizing available funds for the greatest impact is an ongoing responsibility of the Board and District Staff.

Support for each child, the whole child, and every child remain at the core of all we do.


2019 Toyokowa Student Delegates, Chaperones and Community Partners  

Interchanges between the two cities span cultural, fine arts, civic, commercial and educational activities and events. A key activity is the Student Exchange Program which began in 1979. Each autumn, middle school students from Toyokawa travel to Cupertino with their chaperones. They are guests of Cupertino and the Cupertino Union School District. Then, each spring, selected seventh- and eighth-grade students from Cupertino visit Toyokawa with their chaperones, in a similar exchange.

Upcoming Board Meeetings:

We hope you will join us to hear this important information and engage with the Board around the topic of enrollment and potential solutions. Please consider attending the meeting held at the middle school where your child(ren) attend or will most likely attend (feeder middle school). If one date does not work for you, we encourage you to attend a meeting location and time that is more convenient for you. In addition to these Board Meetings, if any school community would like someone from the District to come out for further conversation, we are happy to do so.  


November 14, 2019, Board Meeting at Lawson Middle School, Gym, 6 PM 

November 21, 2019, Board Meeting at Miller Middle School, Gym, 6 PM

December 12, 2019, Board Meeting at Kennedy Middle School, Gym, 6 PM

December 19, 2019, Board Meeting at Hyde Middle School, Gym, 6 PM

January 9, 2020, Board Meeting at Cupertino Middle School, Gym, 6 PM

Information item 6.1 LCAP Update: California Dashboard Local Indicators

Associate Superintendent of Student Support Services, Allison Liner, shared with the Board the State Local Indicators that must be presented to the Board by November of each year.


As part of the state's accountability system and the California Dashboard, each local educational agency (LEA) measures and reports progress on the following Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) priorities:


  • Basic Services/ Conditions of Learning
  • Implementation of Academic Standards
  • Parent and Family Engagement
  • School Climate
  • Access to a Broad Course of Study

Ms. Liner shared District strengths, next steps and areas of growth.


Key Strengths 


  • Basic Services and Conditions of Learning are in place, and the District has identified plans/timelines to address areas of need. 
  • We are making progress in supporting professional learning and implementing new practices in key areas including: ELA (K-5), NGSS, History-Social Studies (6-8), ELD, Mathematics, Human Growth and Development/Health, School Climate/Social-Emotional Learning. 
  • Parents are essential partners in advisory groups at all schools and at the District level, providing input into site and District goals and contributing to the development of site initiatives/programs.
  • All school sites are continuing their improvement work in supporting social-emotional learning and developing a positive school climate. Each school's School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) targets specific improvement goals and actions in this area. 
  • CUSD offers a broad course of study that provides students with a wide range of enriching, engaging and supportive learning experiences.


Next Steps and Areas for Growth 


  • Enter information into the CA Dashboard by November 1, 2019, and consider local indicators as we develop our LCAP for 2020-2021 
  • Continue our work in examining middle school master schedules and fostering community partnerships as noted in our CUSD Priorities 
  • Continue to strengthen site-based innovation and leadership, particularly in the areas of personalizing learning and whole child as noted in our CUSD Priorities 
  • Continue our work in the areas of curriculum adoption/professional development, fostering a culture of leadership and flexibility towards our Strategic Plan 
  • Strengthen our measures, aligned to our Strategic Plan (parent, staff and student surveys as specified in Measures of CUSD District Priorities). Use results of measures to inform spring LCAP and our emerging local dashboard.