Social Awareness

Classroom Guidance

Grades 4th-5th




How to be empathetic towards another, especially if they are different from you.

Recognizing/Refusing/Reporting: Bullying and Relational Aggression



How are you feeling right now?

Questions Before you Begin


  • Do my actions affect others?
  • Who knows what the word empathy means?
  • Can I help someone that I feel is being treated unfairly?

Building Background


Today we are going to talk about social awareness. Last time we said that awareness means to learn about someone or something. But we have a new word, social. Does anyone know what social means?


Social just means being around people. So, today we are going to learn something about the people around us. Let me ask you a question. Can we tell what other people are thinking even when we don’t talk to them? How can we tell what someone is feeling?


We can look at someone’s face or body to see how they are feeling. Let me show you. How am I feeling if I do this? (sad face and body language)


I’m sad. What about this? (do this a few more times with excitement, anger and scared) Do we always know how someone is feeling by looking at them? Can we always know EXACTLY how they feel? Hmmm...good question, huh? Now we are going to try something that is going to show us a little bit more about what I am talking about.

Watch "Before you Judge Someone, Watch This"

Watch The Invisible Boy


Questions after Watching


  • At lunch, you hear someone say "You can't sit with us."  What should you do?  What should you say?
  • What is an example of bravery or courage from the story?
  • If you feel left out at recess, what can you do or say?
  • Why is it important to make sure everyone feels visible and included?
  • What do you think is worse, being laughed at or being invisible?  Why?





Using questions provided or ones you come up with yourself, interview a friend or family member to discover what makes them special and unique.

Check for Understanding


  • Do my actions affect others?
  • How can I show empathy to someone?
  • What are some things you can do to help someone feel included?
  • What are some ways that I can help someone that is being treated unfairly?

Mindful Moment

Mind Yeti



1. Sit or lie down comfortably and settle into the natural rhythm of your breathing.  


2.  Look toward the horizon and rest your gaze there.  Keep your eyes soft, not focusing on any particular object.


3.  Notice any changes that you see.


4.  When thoughts or feelings bubble up, you can just let them be.  If we don't think about our thoughts and emotions, they tend to come, stay for awhile, and then fade away on their own.