Disney's Jungle Book Audition Selections

Audition Dates:  January 31-February 4 (Callbacks as necessary)       

Students will audition privately during their scheduled music class time.  Students who do not wish to audition for a featured role will automatically be cast with their classmates in our ensemble as wolves, monkeys, elephants, bees, or jungle flora & fauna. Everyone gets to participate! 

Please note that students will be combined with those from other classes during after-school rehearsals and the performance process. Parents may opt out of the performance if they have concerns.  Students’ semester grade is based on their in-class participation.  Notification of non-participation can be selected on the yellow Audition Selection form. Students will NOT be able to opt back in if they opt out.


How to prepare:

  • We will be learning audition selections during music class time for the next three weeks. Please encourage your child to practice and prepare for their audition at home as well. Resources can be found on the attached pages as well as the “Music” page of the school website. Students also have access to an audition course on Schoology.
  • IMPORTANT: Fill out the yellow “Audition Selection Form” and return by Friday, January 21.   Late forms will not be accepted.
  • Please note that although students will be practicing for our production during school hours, those with FEATURED parts WILL be asked to stay after school on select Mondays and Wednesdays until 4:30 pm beginning in February. Schedule to follow.


What to expect at auditions:

  • Auditions will be held privately to ease any jitters
  • Students will be asked to either sing their prepared selection to a backing track or read a scene if they are auditioning for a Vulture part. I will have lyrics and speaking parts available for students during auditions.  Lines do not have to be memorized but students should be very familiar with their audition selection.



Individual letters will be sent home notifying all students of the role they have been cast in during the week following auditions.  Those cast in featured roles will be required to sign and return a contract.  Scripts and information for their Schoology course with accompaniment and rehearsal tracks will be sent home once their contract is turned in.  They will need your help at home.


Character Breakdown

Bagheera (male or female)

No-nonsense panther and guardian of Mowgli

Audition song: “Jungle Prologue”


Baloo (male)

Bear; a gentle giant who is never in a hurry and a friend of Mowgli’s

Audition song:  “I Wan’na Be Like You”


Mowgli (male)

Man-cub; a likeable boy with a joyful, curious nature

Audition song: “The Bare Necessities”


Shere Khan (male or female)

Ruthless tiger who dislikes Mowgli; powerful an dignified

Audition song: “Shere Khan the Tiger”


Shanti (female)

A curious girl from the Man village that helps narrate; adventurous but shy

Audition song:  “Kaa the Snake”


Kaa  ( male or female)

Mighty python, sly and slippery with an entrancing voice

Audition song: “Trust in Me”


Colonel Hathi (male)

The leader of the elephant herd; commanding and a little forgetful

Audition song: “Colonel Hathi’s March”


King Louie (male)

 An orangutan and King of the Monkeys; Fun loving and commanding

Audition song: “I Wan’na Be Like You”

Dizzy and Ziggy Vulture (females) SPEAKING PART


Audition selection:

Mowgli - (collapses, exhausted and vultures appear and begin to peck him) Hey!

Dizzy – “Oh, he’s alive…”

Ziggy – “Unfortunately”

Dizzy – “But just look at him, scrawny thing”

Ziggy – “He won’t last long” (Vultures laugh and walk off)

Audition Lyrics

The Jungle Prologue

Now I’m the panther Bagheera and I’m the big bear Bahoo,

and we’ve got lots of jungle friends we want to introduce to you

Away we go to the jungle, over hill and valley and brook.  We’ll set the stage and turn the page and open up the Jungle Book.  So set the stage and turn the page! And open up the Jungle Book!


I Wan'na Be Like You

Now, I'm the king of the swingers

The jungle V.I.P

(He’s)I've reached the top and had to stop

And that's what botherin' me

I wanna be a man, mancub

And stroll right into town

And be just like the other men

(We’re) I'm tired of monkeyin' around!


Oh, oo, oo,oo

I wanna be like you

I wanna walk like you

Talk like you, oo, oo, oo

You see it's true, oo, oo

An ape like me

Can learn to be human too.


The Bare Necessities

Look for the bare necessities

The simple bare necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife

I mean the bare necessities

Old Mother Nature's recipes

That brings the bare necessities of life


Wherever I wander, wherever I roam

I couldn't be fonder of my big home

The bees are buzzin' in the tree

To make some honey just for me

When you look under the rocks and plants

And take a glance at the fancy ants

Then maybe try a few


The bare necessities of life will come to you

They'll come to you!


Shere Khan the Tiger

Now I’m the King of the jungle, not some confounded ape!

Observe his claws and from his paws no Man-cub can escape.

Yes, I could end this story, but that would make me yawn. It’s much more fun to let him run from

Spoken:  Mighty me

Shere Khan, Shere Khan, Shere Khan

Spoken:  Roar!

Kaa the Snake

What a day for little Mowgli! Thoughts of home keep him awake.

What could hurt him in the jungle? Enter Kaa,

Spoken:  the Snake!

Trust In Me


Trust in me, just in me

Shut your eyes and trust in me

You can sleep safe and sound

Knowing I am around


Slip into silent slumber

Sail on a silver mist

Slowly and surely your senses

Will cease to resist


Colonel Hathi's March


Hup two three four

Keep it up two three four

Hup two three four

Keep it up two three four



Oh, the aim of our patrol

Is a question rather droll

For to march and drill

Over field and hill

Is a military goal!

Is a military goal!