Learning Fair 

Solar car project

For this project you need materials like a solar panel, screws, motor, cardboard, wheels and more 


In this picture I just started working on my solar car. Some of the things I have already done is I have my wheels on and I cut a little bit on the side of the board and I put a little pole in both sides of the car and then. I put the wheels on.


This is after I got done with my solar car. So here my solar car is on top of a cardboard and in the middle is the motor screwed to the cardboard. Then I have these two clip things to make make the motor work so the car can work and move. Then I brought the car outside and I put it on the ground and it moved. So my solar car was a success. 


For the science fair this year I have wrote about what it is like to be online schooling. Also I wrote about how I did my solar car and pictures of how it turned out.

Online schooling

The first time I had to start doing online schooling was near the end of my 6th grade year. Originally we were just suppose to be out of school for 2 weeks. Then it ended up being the rest of the school year we didn't go back to school. Then my 7th grade year came around and we had a choice if we wanted to stay online or go back to school for in person learning. So I choice to stay online because I thought we would just go right back to online schooling in the 1st quarter. But school stayed going and I was still doing online schooling 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter and it was kind of difficult to do some things. But my 4th quarter of school I finally went back to in person learning at school. It has been a lot easier to learn everything in person at school. Finally I hope I never have to go online schooling again. 


In conclusion, I like that I am back at school it is much easier learning things and figuring out what to do. I never want to go online schooling again. Even though I couldn't do a lot of fun projects at school. I still got to do the the solar car project and it was pretty fun. So I finally got to go back to school and it is much better that way.