Circuits and Electricity
4th Grade, Ms. Clements






Blake and Elizabeth



1. What kind of circuit is shown in the picture above?



A closed circuit.



2. Attach a picture of a conductor.





3. A continuous flow of negative charges (electrons) creates a/an _____.



electric current.



4. Explain who Benjamin Franklin was and describe his discoveries about electricity.





5. Electrical energy cannot travel through materials known as _____ (rubber, plastic, wood).






6. Take a video of you and your partner creating a circuit.



7. An object with a positive charge will attract an object with a _____ charge.






8. The picture above is an example of _____ (motion energy transformed by electrical energy).



mechanical energy.



9. Take a picture of an appliance that uses thermal energy.





10. Attach the diagram you and your partner made of an electromagnet.