BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD nomination from Curriculum Coordinator Heather Watson:
I would like to nominate this fabulous group of K-8th English/reading teachers for Big Buc’s Brag Board. They have spent 2 weeks of their summer getting familiar with our new TEKS for ELAR, mapping out the school year for their teams, and lesson planning with our new curriculum and resources. Now, our teachers are set and ready to go for August and will be able to start their school year with confidence. It’s been great collaborating together across campuses and learning so much from one other. It has truly been a bonding experience for our ELAR team. Thank you all so much for your hard work!! You are appreciated!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at OAK FOREST ELEMENTARY today, where Cherrise Fawcett nominated those who made the first ever Oak Forest talent show a success!



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD visits VHS today to congratulate golf coach MITCH MACKEY on being selected to the Southeast Texas Golf Coaches Hall of Fame. We are proud of you, Coach Mackey!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor High School today, where VHS Freshman MIA earned a perfect score on the English I STAAR EOC test. Way to go, Mia!

TJ and Carolyn Barnes

BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor Junior High, where we recognize TJ for a perfect score on STAAR Science, and his teacher DR. CAROLYN BARNES for a job well done.


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD visits Oak Forest Elementary, where teacher Janie Nace nominates RIGBY BAKER.
Oak Forest Kindergarten would like to thank Rigby Baker for coming out and teaching our students about horses and rodeos. The students were able to learn about her rodeo experiences.



BIG BUC’S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor High School to applaud art teacher Ms. KELLI LEBEOUF. She was chosen as one of only 35 (of 150 entries) to display at the Art Studio, and her work was the first one to sell.


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD recognizes ELLIOTT today.
Elliott is a seventh grader at Vidor Junior High School student, and attended the TAME competition for the second time, coming away a winner once again. TAME is the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering. Elliot attends sessions with the Golden Triangle Chapter of TAME at Lamar University each fall and spring semester and competes in their divisional competition. His scores there earned him a place in this year's state competition.
On Saturday, Elliot earned second place in Science for 7th graders. There were 296 students from across the state participating for grades 6-12 and each completed a test in science and math. For Elliot's grade level, the tests covered information for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. They also worked in teams on an engineering design challenge developed by ConocoPhillips. They had a small number of objects available to develop a tool to solve a real-life, on-the-job problem. Each team member played a different engineer's role in the challenge and had to present their end result to the judges as a group. The top six scorers in each grade level were recognized for both science and math as were the winning engineering teams.


Pine Forest's Mrs. Becca Travis nominated the VHS Cosmetology students for BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD!
"I would like to brag on the High school cosmetology students. We took our life skills kids from Pine Forest to have their hair cut and those girls were so patient and sweet to our students! Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Bass did amazing helping the students and guiding them. Just wanted to give them a huge shout out!!"


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD gives a special shout out to those students who participated in the VISD spelling bee this morning. They made VISD history with a 63-round bee! These young people really studied!
The winner was Brodie from Pine Forest, who will recieve a $500 scholarship upon graduation from Vidor High School.


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor Elementary this afternoon, thanking all who helped with the carnival in between rain showers today, including the VE Pirate Ambassador committee.

PTO President - Kayla Jinks
Vice Pres. Tiffany Boyett
PTO Joanna Vasquez
Gwen Ochoa
Stacey Tatum
Lois Jones
Wanda Chancellor
Nicole Adams
Angela Bowman
Ashley Nele
Holly Hodge


Brenda Borque and Roni Brown say, "We would like to nominate DEEDRA LAPRAY to the Big Buc Brag Board. She has gone above and beyond making educational tools available to our students. Whether it is opening up the library for our classes, bringing us Chromebook carts, or the lengthy process of preparing for a BreakOut Edu activity, we can count on her 110%. She is always enthusiastic and more than willing to go the extra mile no matter the request.
Our students have really appreciated and enjoyed going 'outside the box' of the classroom walls with the various learning activities."



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD visits OAK FOREST. Child Nutrition Director Mary Ellen Vivrett says this: I would like to brag on our employees at OF!!
Oak Forest nominated them as employees of the month! They were nominated by the OF custodians and PE teachers who work beside them in the portable cafeteria. All of OF has a greater challenge in their portable buildings, but the cafeteria employees have an extra cross to bear with food preparation and transportation.
They work tirelessly to provide the best breakfasts and lunches possible for all the OF family - students and staff alike. They coordinate services with Vidor Elementary and this requires a lot of hard work and they do it with a smile on their face.
Mrs. Carolyn Wedgeworth states "every time I am in there they have a smile on their faces and cheerfully do the job given them. Our PE teacher and custodian made the nomination because they work closely with them in the same building at times. I gladly agreed to the nomination because of their attitudes and hard work. They are great bunch! I am proud to work alongside them".
The Child Nutrition Department is equally proud of the attitude and compassion these Child Nutrition employees exhibit. They are a great example to follow!! We are proud of them!!



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is a Vidor Elementary this morning, where Madelyn Smith nominated Kindergarten teacher SYDNEY THERIOT for the Brag Board.
I would like to add Sydney Theriot from Vidor Elementary to Big Buc's Brag Board. Sydney always goes above and beyond, not only for her students but for her colleagues as well. No matter the situation Mrs. Theriot always finds the positive and wears a smile while doing so. I am bragging on her because without her and her positive outlook, my challenges would not be near as easy to overcome. It is amazing how balanced she is with her work life, social life, and family time. I have learned so much from Sydney and consider myself privileged because of it.



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at VIDOR ELEMENTARY this afternoon. Aryanna was nominated by teacher Ms. Molly Montgomery.
"February 1st, Aryanna found some money on the ground. Instead of just keeping the money for herself and not saying anything, she chose to turn it in to me. She also gave me a very detailed description of where it was. Most of the time anyone, not just children, would just take the money and run, but not Aryanna. She is filled with integrity. It was such a refreshing moment to have her turn that money in. Love having such a sweet girl in my classroom."

Wyatt and William

Wyatt and William - Mrs. Nations' 3rd period Science class. "These students go above and beyond by willing to help and partner with students who sometimes struggle with the subject. They are truly compassionate students who try to assist other students in their learning. It's an awesome sight to see kids being kind and helpful to each other."


BIG BUCK'S BRAG BOARD is a Vidor Elementary this morning, where teacher Mrs. Connie Godeaux saw a good turn being done.
LOGAN, in the fourth grade at Vidor Elementary, found a student's Smart Watch and turned it in. Logan is being recognized today for his honesty and integrity....great qualities in a fine young man. Congratulations, Logan!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD recognizes VISD Chief of Police Mike Sanchez today on National Law Enforcement Recognition Day. Being the great guy he is, he will want his staff recognized as well. So thank you to all of the police and security officers here in Vidor ISD. Great job!

Mrs. Richardson's Class

Today BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Pine Forest Elementary.
Mrs. Karen Richardson's class read the children's book Snowflakes Fall, remembering the children who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. In exploring it, they learned how kindness can change others' lives. As their "acts of kindness," they put Post-It Notes with a happy saying on them inside library books (with Pine Forest library Mrs. Krista King's permission) for others to find when they check out the books some day. The students had a great time thinking of what to say and selecting a book in which to hide their "happy notes." Mrs. Richardson got the idea from a literature workshop at Region 5.


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD recognizes VHS grad JOEY CICCIO this morning. He was nominated by VHS principal Mr. James McDowell, who received the following letter.
"I am a teacher / parent in Spring ISD. My wife and I came to your school this past Saturday for the TPSA Law Enforcement awards ceremonies. I wanted to let you know about a young man (I just know him as Joey - he had a backpack with the Pirate logo on it). We arrived close to being late and it was beginning to get dark. We parked and were definitely in the wrong area. We were on the phone with our daughter trying desperately to find where the awards were and obviously stressed. Joey was coming out of the gym and looked to be going home. He took the time to stop and ask us if we needed help. He talked to my daughter on our phone and determined where she was. Then, instead of just giving us directions, this young man took the time to walk us back through the gym area and make sure we found where we were supposed to be. I know it does not seem like much, but that was a such a helpful gesture for a couple of parents who were worried they would miss their daughter's awards."
Congrats, Joey! And thank you for representing Vidor so well!



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at VIDOR ELEMENTARY this morning. Principal Mr. Jeff Leger nominated these two ladies.
"KAYLA JINKS and TIFFANY BOYETT have really stepped up their efforts in PTO this year to make sure our students are not doing without. Kayla has moved into the role of president recently and Tiffany has been right by her side. There are many others serving in PTO that deserve credit as well, but these two are the driving force. Vidor Elementary would like to thank these two ladies for working long and exhausting hours to ensure our students feel special. Some examples of things they have done are: Helped with school pictures, set up and ran the Santa shop, decorated our hall for the holidays, created a coffee bar in the teacher lounge, helped decorate the homecoming float, many other things teachers requested, dressed up the entrance of the school to make it more friendly and appealing for visitors. They are currently planning a carnival that will take place in March. Thank you from the bottom of our V.E. hearts."


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at VE this afternoon to applaud paraprofessional JANEEN MACON.
She noticed the kids wanting to swat at all the fabulous decorations put up by parent volunteers. Her idea was to hang something that they were allowed to touch that would also be educational. The math teachers in third grade took her idea and applied it to the multiplication facts. So now all third graders can jump, touch or hop their multiples. It has been such a great help for the kids to kinesthetically work through these facts. The results in two days are amazing!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor Junior High this morning.
Oak Forest counselor Lauren Buckley nominated GRACE ANN HERFORD, LORIANN GRAY and JAY WRIGHT, Vidor Junior High students who had a hot chocolate stand this weekend. They raised funds to purchase six bikes for Blue Santa so that other kids could have a good Christmas. Then they purchased and delivered the bikes to the Vidor Police station. That should warm your heart on this cold morning!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at VIDOR HIGH SCHOOL today, where Ashleigh was nominated by teacher Alexandria Barney.
"My student, Ashleigh, received an offer from Texas Lutheran University to attend their volleyball scouting camp on Sunday afternoon, March 10, 2019 (the weekend Spring Break begins). Her letter came during my class, so I got her to take a picture. Other universities such as Lamar, Rice, and Prairie View A&M will be in attendance. This is an amazing achievement for anyone, but especially at such a young age. She has opportunities to attend school, continue to play volleyball successfully, and receive a generous amount of scholarship money for doing so. Way to go Ashleigh!"



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor High School, where Marissa Anderson nominates SHELDON JENKINS for the board.
She says,"I'd like to nominate Sheldon Jenkins for Big Buc's Brag Board. Sheldon is always friendly and there to help with any technology problems or issues on the VHS campus. He does a great job and any recognition he gets is well deserved!"


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD has another nomination from Oak Forest, this one from Mrs. Erin Taylor.
"Last Monday before school started, I was walking to my classroom. The buses had just let the children off. I came across a couple of girls in the middle of the hallway. Abriana, who is a student in Mrs. Rye’s class, was trying to help a little girl who was upset and confused. Abriana was speaking softly, introduced herself, and said she would walk the little girl to her class. I was very proud to see her taking time to be so kind and thoughtful."



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at OAK FOREST this morning.
Shannon DeVillier, Anchor Lab teacher, would like to nominate Mr. Ernest Bayard. "Mr. Bayard is a wonderful volunteer on our campus. He is always smiling and willing to help. Mr. Bayard is a VISD Pirate Pal and reads weekly with 2 different students. He donated some racks for us to use as a lost and found on our campus. Mr. Bayard spends each morning, rain or shine, helping kids get out of their vehicles in Parent Drop Off. They enjoy seeing his smile and wave as they arrive at school. Thank you Mr. Bayard for all you do!"


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD goes to Vidor MIddle School 6th grade campus this morning to recognize principal KERRI PIERCE. She was nominated by Jammie Bertrand and the ELAR teachers for digging into her budget to provide each teacher with funds to purchase classroom books.Bertrand says, "VMS recently held a book fair that our students were super excited about. We enjoyed getting to go look at new books and make wish lists for our classrooms. Ms. Pierce took things a step further to show and share her love of reading by donating $200.00 worth of books to each ELAR teacher. She is helping grow our classroom libraries and help pass on that love of reading by making more books available for all our students. Thank you so much Ms. Pierce!"



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Pine Forest Elementary this morning.
Kayli is a student at PFE. Kayli has a kind and loving heart and spirit. She cares about other students and their happiness. While in the gym for specials, often there is a life skills student who does not like the gym and is upset and crying. Without being prompted, Kayli seeks the child out to talk to him and calm him down. She can calm him every time. In the mornings before school while she is in the gym waiting to go to class, there is another kindergarten student who does not like to be without a "support buddy". Kayli always visits with her and keeps her company until the morning bell rings. Then, she takes the little girl by the hand and off they go to class. It has been a long time since I have seen a child so young have such a nurturing attitude toward other young students. Kayli is an example of how we wish every student would behave.



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD nominations today come from Nurse Regina Peddy at VJHS.
"I'm nominating Crystal Williams, VJH nurse assistant, VJHS library staff Lisa Martin and Ami Lange, and VISD nurses Jennifer Stanley, Theresa Willis, Teaka Snell, Sharla Cormier, and paraprofessional DeErin Gau. These people always go above and beyond. I was sick on a day scheduled for screenings on my campus. Instead of cancelling, they carried on and the day went off smooth as butter. I'm blessed to work with such amazing people, to know that when I'm ill or can't be there, they are willing and able to make it work without me so I don't have to worry about my kids. Thank you all! You're awesome!"



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD says "Way to go" to the VJHS students who collected about 1,000 canned goods to aid Vidor residents this holiday season. The cans will go to the United Christian Care Center. The students voted and met their goal, so they got to 'pie' principal Aaron Herrington and teachers Sierra Maynard and Courtney Rhodus at both A and B lunches.
"Happy to help give back to the wonderful town that does so much for us," says Rhodus. Brags to Mr. Herrington, Ms. Maynard and Ms. Rhodus as well. You are good sports!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD recognizes VHS freshman golfer, Jacob, who made a hole in one after playing golf for only seven months! Many people do not achieve this in their entire lives! He was nominated by golf team coach Mr. Mitch Mackey. Congratulations, Jacob!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is once again at Oak Forest!
Head Custodian Mrs. Sherry Peddy nominated Reese and Hadlie for their willingness to keep Oak Forest clean. They picked up paper towels that other students had thrown on the floor. They believe in showing pride in their school. Way to go!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD goes to Vidor Junior High this morning to recognize teacher and NJHS sponsor TAMMY TAYLOR. The National Junior Honor Society has a huge part to play in the Vidor Junior High's Veteran's Day program. Mrs. Taylor makes sure everything is on point, honoring our veterans with respect and professionalism. She is also seen by other teachers as a fabulous mentor and leader. Congrats, Mrs. Taylor! Good job!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD recognizes VHS Principal Mr. James McDowell this morning.
"Oak Forest Kindergarten teachers would like to brag on Mr. James McDowell for taking time out of his busy schedule to come and visit with our kids about Veteran's Day! He read them a story, showed off his old uniform, and shared some photos with our students. They were mesmerized! Thanks again Mr. McDowell, and thank you for your service!! "


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at VMS this morning. ELA teacher Jammie Bertrand nominates the first ever student and parent for the Brag Board, and this is what she has to say:
I would like to nominate Brayden and his mother Jessica Sessions. Jessica and Brayden purchased books on our classroom wish list through Scholastic. They purchased these books and donated them to our classroom library for all students to enjoy. I cannot thank them enough for helping me be able to spread the love of reading by adding new and engaging books to read. There is already a waiting list on the "I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967" book. I love seeing the excitement that new books bring to the classroom."



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor High School, where Mrs. Barney has nominated Talha.
"Today was one of the coolest classes I've had so far. In my class, our exchange student Talha from Pakistan gave a presentation on his country and hometown for International Education Week. He let everyone wave little flags, talked about his favorite foods and things to do at home, and he even gifted me with my very own Shayla, a headscarf worn by the women in his province. I am so proud of Talha and how much he has grown and learned in the short time he’s been in the US."


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor Elementary this morning, where teacher Stacy Harbour has nominated a deserving person. Read on!
"I would like to nominate our hall custodian, Floyd Peter, at VE to the board. He always works so hard and has a smile on his face for everyone. After a long day with the kids here at school, here he comes to brighten our day, and cleans our rooms so well. Way to go Mr. Floyd! You are appreciated."


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD visited Vidor High School today to recognize Reese, who was nominated by counselor Mrs. Katie Williams. Reese was chosen to attend the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders in Boston this past summer. Stay tuned to your local newspapers for the full story. Congratulations, Reese! Vidor ISD is proud of your representation of our town and state.


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD recognizes Laydn in Mrs. Jacobs class at Oak Forest Elementary. Laydn was extremely helpful to a substitute teacher when Mrs. Jacobs had to be out at the last minute. He helped the sub with the schedule, the order of the lesson, and the procedures for the day. The sub left a note shining a spotlight on his amazing behavior!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Oak Forest Elementary today, where Sheena Kincheloe nominated principal Carolyn Wedgeworth and assistant principal Kyra Day.
"I would like to recognize Mrs. Wedgeworth and Mrs. Day for being at the parent drop off every single morning in the heat, cold, dark and even in the poring rain... like this morning! Those ladies opened the truck door with an umbrella and a smile, as they stood soaking wet in rubber boots. Oak Forest has the best morning crew. Thank you to all who make the line go fast and help the students get into school safely!"



"Shout out to Dr. Killgo and Mr. Clark for being such great sports and showing their dedication for the Pine Forest students by not only volunteering for the Dunking Booth but being covered with Silly String by the PreK teachers, as well! Two awesome leaders for our school and community!" They were nominated by teacher Tonya George.


Chief Mike Sanchez

BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD gives a shout out to our Police Chief Mike Sanchez and his staff. He was nominated by the school nurses.
"VISD nurses would like to recognize Chief Mike Sanchez for his dedication to the safety of all our kids and staff. Thanks for your willingness to put yourself in the line of fire to protect us all. Thanks also to all VISD police officers for their service to VISD!!"


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Vidor High School this afternoon. This nomination comes from first year teacher Alexandra Poteet Barney.
"I'd like to nominate Haley Seymour, 12th grade secretary at VHS for the Brag Board. She may only have one title, but she wears so many hats around here! Everyone knows they can ask her for just about anything, and if for some reason she can't do it, she'll know just what direction to point you in. Haley is a great friend and coworker, and is dedicated to spreading Pirate Pride! Thank you for all you do Haley. You are so loved and appreciated!"


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD visit VISD administration this morning to recognize Business Office employee Micki Loar.
Micki is always calm and kind and helpful. She handles a lot of things at once, including all the funds that the district has acquired to help with counseling and other Harvey-related purchases. Micki keeps a lot of balls in the air at one time! Thanks, Micki, for the great job you do!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is at Oak Forest Elementary today. Teacher Cherrise Fawcett has nomintaed Payton.She says,"I’d like to brag on Payton! She was chosen to be my “Super Student” for the week and wear the super cape! Payton is special because she is always kind, works hard, and makes all A’s despite suffering from a chronic illness called Cystic Fibrosis. Payton recently had surgery and we missed her for a few weeks, but she returned and picked right back up on her lessons. Her favorite subject is Reading and she loves ballet class.



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is busy today. We have an anonymous nomination.Heather Watson, our Curriculum Coordinator for ELAR/SS, does an outstanding job of supporting our teachers in the classroom. She goes above and beyond to ensure our teachers have the resources and support they need to effectively teach all the students in the district. She works tirelessly to achieve the instructional goals that Dr. Killgo and the board have set forth for our district. She is truly an asset to our teachers and students! Congratulations!


Mrs. Sherry Peddy, Head Custodian at Oak Forest Elementary, would like to nominate Wesley (left) and Nathan for Big Buc's Brag Board. They found that someone had left the water running in the sinks of the boys restroom and had thrown paper towels all over the floor. These two young men took it upon themselves to clean up the mess for our campus. Thank you boys! Way to go!

Mrs. Winn's Class

BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD goes to Oak Forest Elementary School second grade today. Ms. Winn nominated her entire class for some kudos. Here is what she has to say:
"I would like to brag about my whole class!! Ms. Winn’s class has had awesome behavior when walking in the halls! On three different occasions, I have had other students from other second grade classes compliment how quiet they were in the halls. I have had a substitute in the library say they were the best class in the whole school. Lastly, when I was walking my students to PE I overheard the security officer tell another teacher how quiet Ms Winn’s class always is when walking in the hall. This makes my heart happy!???? I’m so proud of my students and proud to be their teacher!! Keep up the good work!!"



BIG BUC'S BRAD BOARD goes to Pine Forest today.
Whitney Richard of Vannah Baby Designs held a 'Be Kind and Design' contest on Facebook. Paislee came up with this sweet design and won!! Coach Powell from Pine Forest is shown here with Paislee, wearing that awesome design!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is giving a shout out to the students in Mrs. Mary Wajert's math classes at Vidor High School this morning. They were all given the same assignment and information, yet were amazingly creative in making their projects. Some representatives are pictured here, but all of the students in Pre AP Algebra II and Pre Ap Pre Calculus are to be commended. Great things are happening at Vidor High School!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD is happy for Pine Forest teacher Mrs. Karen Richardson's nomination. She says, "I am nominating Michael because one day, Mrs. Maxwell, a teacher at PFE, took her special needs students out to recess in order for them to gain social skills. At the same time, third grade was out on the playground at recess. Michael, in Mrs. Richardson’s homeroom, took it upon himself to take one of these special needs children around during recess, helping him play, swing, etc. Mrs. Maxwell said that Michael patiently helped the student interact with others. Michael gave up his entire recess doing this, without even having been asked to do so." Mrs. Richardson says that Michael is a model student and a gentleman at all times, setting fine examples for other students. “He is a joy to teach, and I am proud of his altruism.” Way to go, Michael! Vidor ISD is proud of you!



BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD recognizes VHS custodian Jason Whitmire, who was nominated by Nurse Deana Bunting. "He is always smiling and happy and helpful," says the nurse. "He is so very nice and hard-working, and he has a helping spirit." Congratulations, Jason!


VJHS nurse Regina Peddy nominated CHRISSY WHATLEY (VJHS receptionist) and CAROL BYRD (VHS receptionist). "These ladies work super hard EVERY DAY pulling double duty working as receptionist for their own campus plus they each work for a VMS grade. With the craziness of Homecoming week and special events, this always gets crazier and they just smile through it! So, KUDOS and a big shout out to these terrific people!!"


VJHS nurse Regina Peddy nominated CHRISSY WHATLEY (VJHS receptionist) and CAROL BYRD (VHS receptionist). "These ladies work super hard EVERY DAY pulling double duty working as receptionist for their own campus plus they each work for a VMS grade. With the craziness of Homecoming week and special events, this always gets crazier and they just smile through it! So, KUDOS and a big shout out to these terrific people!!"


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD recognizes JANA CASH this morning. She is fabulous at keeping the website maintained, patient at training us in new technology, and makes fabulous video presentations. Just check out her Homecoming film on the VISD website!


BIG BUC'S BRAG BOARD today recognizes Career and Technology Education director Penny Singleton. Her anonymous nominator says this, "Mrs. Singleton has been CTE director for at least fifteen years. She took a program that needed revitalizing and did just that, created about twenty courses in which students can become trained or even certified for careers after high school, and began churning out success stories. Not only that, but she was named CTE Director of the Year for the State of Texas this summer. Vidor ISD is blessed and fortunate to have Penny Singleton at the helm of our Career and Technology Education program."