The Three Musketeers: Chapter 15

Chapter Summary


When Treville hears about Athos's arrest, he goes to the King to plead his case to free him. Before Treville can get to the King, the Cardinal tries to convince the King that his side of the story is right. Treville arrives and convinces the King that it is ludicrous to arrest a musketeer without a cause. The Cardinal tries to question Treville about d'Artagnan, but Treville responds that d'Artagnan was at his house at the time of the arrest. Teville can do this because d'Artagnan reset all of the clocks when he was with him to further assure that his story will be a safe one. The Cardinal then allows the King to free Athos, leaving Treville both satisfied amd suspicious about the Cardinal's change of heart. The second Treville leaves, the Cardinal tells the King that the Duke of Buckingham visited the Queen.

Three Musketeers: Chapter 15 QUIZ