Welcome to the Classroom Scoop for Ms. Yates' 5th grade class! Every month, this newsletter will provide all the helpful information you and your family need to stay in the know about everything happening in our classroom. If you ever have any questions or would like to set up a meeting with me, feel free to reach out using the contact information listed here. 

Name: Ms. Lauren Yates

Email: lyates@samplesd.org

Phone: (303) 867-5309

Every month, students will have the opportunity to earn a moment in the Spotlight and be featured here in our class newsletter. Students can earn Spotlight status by going above and beyond in their work, being kind and helping others, and showing growth and improvement in their learning. Check back next month to see who will be in the Spotlight first!

  • DUE AUGUST 15: Return all media release and medical forms
  • DUE AUGUST 20: Submit Classroom Contract VRS Assignment (Click HERE for the assignment)
  • August 8: Back to school Open House
  • August 10: First day of school for students!
  • August 29: School picture day
  • August 31: Early dismissal for students at 12pm

Math: This month's focus in math will be on Number & Operations in Base Ten (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.NBT). We'll be exploring multi-digit numbers with decimals, reading and writing decimals to the thousandths using base-ten numerals, and more! 

Language Arts: This month's focus in Language Arts will be on Conventions of Standard English (CCSS.ELA.LITERACY.5.1, CCSS.ELA.LITERACY.5.2). We'll be exploring the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking, and putting those conventions to use in a persuasive essay. 

Science: This month's focus in Science will be on Matter and Its Interactions (5-PS1-4). We'll be investigating to determine whether the mixing of two or more substances results in new substances, and how to properly make and record observations about such an investigation.

Social Studies: This month's focus in Social Studies will be on using geographic tools and sources to research and answer questions about United States geography (CO.SS.5.2). We'll become explorers by developing our map reading skills, and draw conclusions about communities in our country based on what we find.

  • All students are issued a school agenda at the beginning of each year. You can check your student's agenda for important dates and reminders, and a snapshot of what they're learning each day.
  • The PTO committee meets on the last Thursday evening of every month at 6 pm in the cafeteria. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join.
  • Our class has P.E. every Wednesday. Please make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes in order to safely participate in all activities.

This is our 5th grade classroom! I can't wait to see what learning and excitement will take place in this room this year.

Our school library got some upgrades this summer! We'll be taking a tour during the first week of school to let Mrs. Dukes show us around all the new resources we have available.