Weekly Staff Update

November 1, 2019

2 Hour Delay

During a late start, the expectation is that staff show up to school no earlier than 1.5 hrs before start time.  This allows building maintenance the time to get the school ready for our students and supports the town road crews working to get the roads cleared with fewer cars out and about.  Our hope is that you use this unique opportunity to have a relaxing morning enjoying an extra cup of coffee, making breakfast and eating with your kids, or sleeping in.

Reunification Date Change

Our reunification drill that was scheduled for October 29th was postponed due to inclement weather.  We have rescheduled it for November 19th. All staff need to attend this meeting.  Classified staff will be paid until 4:30. Supervisors, please make sure your staff have this information.


  • Stand Up, Speak Out, Take Charge (25 min.)
  • Reunification - What is it? Roles? Practice (45 min.)

Tech Tip

Can't remember a keyboard shortcut? No problem!


In any Google program press: Command + /


This will bring up a list of keyboard shortcuts!

Lock Out Drill

We will have a Lock Out drill next Tuesday at 9:30.  During a Lock Out school will continue as normal inside the building.  If you are outside at recess, please bring your students back into the building.  If you are in the modular, keep all students in the mod. during our lockout drill. Students, staff and visitors should not leave the mod or the building during this time.

9 Reasons to Use Visuals

Take a moment to look at the graphic below to reflect on how using visuals in your classroom can impact student learning.