Tune in at 6pm CST to view the Open House live stream. We will be giving a tour of the building, introducing you to teachers and staff, and hearing from our Principal and our PTA president. 




Meet Our Teachers



Mr. Robinson, Kindergarten



Mrs. Smith, 1st Grade



Mr. Atkins, 3rd Grade



Mr. Hill, 4th Grade



Mr. Bonnet, 5th Grade



Mr. Moore, P.E.



Mrs. Duke, Library



Ms. Brown, Kindergarten



Mrs. Williams, 2nd Grade



Mrs. Campbell, 3rd Grade



Mrs. Nichols, 4th Grade



Ms. Welch, 5th Grade



Mrs. Gardner, Music



Mr. Porter, Intervention



Ms. Anderson, 1st Grade



Mr. Maisel, 2nd Grade



Ms. Perkins, 3rd Grade



Mrs. Miller, 4th Grade



Mr. Hendrix, 5th Grade



Ms. Shepherd, Art



Mr. Andrews, Technology