Elizabeth's Learning Fair Projects



This is my Solar Powered Car. For this project I worked with Shelby Fry.


This is Elizabeth's oil pastel art project. The students had to do only things you find in the jungle. So she chose a tiger.

This is Elizabeth's card webpage project. You can click on each one of the words under each picture. When you do it shows you a bigger picture of the card and a little bit of each card and how much it costs.

This is Elizabeth's acrylic project. She did a mom turtle and a baby turtle.



This is Elizabeth's watercolor art project. This project got into the Paris art show.


This is Elizabeth's "Wrinkle in Time" essay she did for literature. The students read "A Wrinkle in Time" and then they had to write an essay on if they thought the book was fiction or non-fiction. Elizabeth chose fiction and got a perfect grade on it.