Romeo and Juliet





My Dearest Juliet,


What's up, girl?  Benvolio has his driver's license now so he said we can pick you up Friday night if you can sneak out of the house. Friar Lawrence probably wouldn't mind if we hung out! What do you say? I can't keep whispering to you from below your balcony! I want to shout my love from the mountain tops! You are truly the fairest maiden in all the land and you've captured my heart. Happy Valentine's Day.

❤️ Romeo

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I think about you every day. I wish our families weren't such enemies so we could go out on a real date! Perhaps we could wear disguises and go out to the movies! I will just have to make sure Tybalt is occupied so he doesn't tell on me! Romeo, you are so kind and handsome. Despite the obstacles our love faces, I am glad that you are my valentine. Happy Valentine's Day!