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Uploading: Unlimited Storage!

  • Upload from your local computer
  • YouTube Clean Uploader - removes ads, comments, and suggested content. This won't work on videos marked as private or requiring a paid subscription;
  • Google or Microsoft Drives - Make a copy of anything in your drive


Edit Attributes page: 

  • Name and description;
  • Thumbnail - we use the 60th frame of every video as the thumbnail;
  • Playback options;
  • Tags;
  • Media permission settings.



  • Keyword search bar;
  • Admin > All Media > Advanced;
  • Admin > All Users.   
  • You can Add to Favorites or Duplicate into your own account (if the owner has given permission).



  • Share Bar: Share Inside/Share Outside links, embed code, Notify Users, QR code, Google Classroom, and Google Drive;
  • A benefit to using the Share Inside link, if you're able, is that we do Media tracking. 




Advanced Sharing



District Showcase Example; Classroom Showcase Example


  • "Showcase” an unlimited amount of media on a website, LMS, or other digital platform for public viewing using just 1 embed code.



  • Small learning communities where people can easily share media;
  • Use for professional development groups, teams within the district, small groups of students, etc.


Create Menu


Recorder Tools:

  • Audio Recorder;
  • Screen Recorder - select screen, picture-in-picture option;
  • Video Recorder.
  • Browser permissions - allow access to microphone and camera;
  • 60 minute recording limit.


Image Creator:


Example: John Lewis timeline





  • Select dimensions and add stickers, text, shapes, filters, frames, etc. to create an image.


Video Editor:


  • Create > Video Editor
  • You can trim videos, put together video and screen recordings, add transitions, text overlay, and audio tracks, then publish.
  • It saves to your account as a new video rather than overwriting the original(s). 




Examples: School Open HouseTeacher Lesson Plan


  • HTML creator that is template-based and uses drag & drop functionality;
  • Create interactive projects, reports, portfolios, newsletters, lesson plans, and more;
  • Create > MediaSpot Project;
  • You can create your own templates.


Instructional Tools

Accounts Required for the Quiz/Assignment Taker




Example: Thanksgiving Quiz


  • Quiz creator where you can embed questions throughout a video;
  • Can be used with students or with staff members for professional development;
  • You can duplicate your own quizzes or those of other users if they have given permission.







Video Response System (VRS)


Examples: Elementary Electricity & Circuits assignment; Secondary Earth Day assignment


  • Create an assignment made up of different prompts to which a student or other user can respond;
  • You can attach media items to your prompts and users can reply to prompts through text or through different kinds of media;
  • You can duplicate your own assignments or those of other users if they have given permission.


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