Counseling at Whispering Pines Elementary

School Counseling Services


Counselors are essential educators and mental health professionals in the school system. We are growing graduates by teaching educational, career, personal, and social development at all ages!


Great 8 Skills for Daily Living:  Self-Awareness


A child's realistic understanding of her/his strengths and limitations and consistent desire for self-improvement.


Self-Awareness Classroom Guidance


Student "I can" Statements:

  • Make accurate statements about events in my life 

  • Teach another person to do something 

  • Ask questions to clarify what I did not understand 

  • Show an awareness of my personal strengths 

  • Ask somebody for feedback 

  • Describe how I was feeling 

  • Give an opinion when asked 


Digital Classroom Guidance Lessons

PreK - 1st Grade Lesson

2nd and 3rd Grade Lesson

4th and 5th Grade Lesson


Great 8 Skills at Home



For more information on Social and Emotional Learning at Home, visit the Parent Portal.

Here's What Happening This Quarter


Credit By Exam Testing for Acceleration


For students interested in skipping a grade for the next school year, testing will be available on the dates listed below. 


 Testing Windows         Deadline to Register

                                                                                                                March 8-12, 2021                February 16, 2021    SPRING

                                                                                                               June 7-10, 2021                    May 7, 2021             SUMMER I

                                                                                                               July 5-8, 2021                       May 7, 2021             SUMMER 2


To register a student for credit by examination for acceleration, please fill out the appropriate form with your campus Counselor.




Rising 6th Grade Class Selection Information

Click on the link above for more information about Humble Middle School course selection.

No Place for Hate


This quarter .....

Daily Mindful Moment


College, Career, & Life Readiness


Career Exploration



PAWS in Jobland: Use the district access code AK01773.  Students go to the website and click on Jobland. In Jobland, students can choose buildings and careers to explore.



WittyWe:  Visit the Advisor to find some fun and interesting topics to explore.



Are You Ready for College?

A guide to college planning in Texas.


College Spotlight


This quarter we are spotlighting Louisiana State University.  Click here to learn more about LSA and take a virtual tour of the campus.



U.S. Armed Forces Spotlight


This quarter we are spotlighting the U.S. Coast Guard.  Click here for more information about the United States Coast Guard.


Community Resources


Humble ISD Counseling Resources


School Counseling Services


School Counseling Request Form


Small Group Counseling 



The purpose of small groups is to bring students with similar needs or concerns together to share, problem solve, and connect with their peers to enhance their social and emotional development.

School Counselor's Website


If you need to contact the counselor, here's how.....


Mrs. Dabney's & Mrs. Corpus Contact Information

(281) 641-2807 / (281)641-2531

Website address